Luxe Recess Launches Wellness Retreats for Mothers

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I’m thrilled to announce that Luxe Recess will begin offering seasonal wellness retreats for mothers.

I’ve spent the last five years growing Luxe Recess to be an invaluable resource for readers planning their family vacations. My goal has always been to ensure that a family’s vacation investment in both time and money is as magical as possible. A recess we take from our daily grind has the power to bring us closer, restore ourselves, and encourage joy.

Wellness Retreats Parents at Canyon Ranch
The labyrinth at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires

But I’m at the stage of my life where I am ready to complete the vision I’ve always had for Luxe Recess. I’m following my deeply felt dream. The first business cards that I made for myself in 2014 actually said “A Luxury Family Travel Magazine & Host of Family Wellness Retreats.” Just as I created a website I wanted to read, I am now developing retreats which I want to attend.

I don’t know one mother who doesn’t need feeling cared for by someone else. I also don’t know a mom who says she has enough time for her social life or authentic self-care.

Luxe Recess will offer wellness retreats that become instant communities where you can get a big dose of connection with other women. Make new friends or come with yours. 

Wellness Retreats Parents Canyon Ranch Lynn Lyons
Exploring the grounds of Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires in Lenox, Massachusetts

These wellness retreats will incorporate all I have learned about outstanding hotels, service, food, and self care, but—and here’s the but—they should also be transformational and enable you to do something better. And parenting is something every mother wants to do well.

So this is where serendipity comes into the story.

Our first retreat is “Raising Courageous & Independent Children in an Age of Anxiety” with Lynn Lyons

Our wellness retreats will feature the chance to strengthen our parenting skill sets from one of the world’s leading specialists treating families with anxiety, Lynn Lyons.

Lynn has spoken to tens of thousands of parents from California to New England and mental health professionals from Australia to Canada. She’s been interviewed on numerous NPR shows and in the New York Times and is the featured keynote speaker at leading professional events for her industry peers. 

Lynn Lyons helps families manage anxiety and worry
Lynn Lyons speaks to tens of thousands of parents at public and private schools
about managing worry in families.

She maintains a private practice where she works with families whenever she’s not on the road training and presenting. And Lynn is my beloved sister-in-law who was by my side for the birth of both of my kids.

Lynn receives requests that she cannot fulfill to work with families in a more personalized way, and these retreats provide a way to meet her demand.

The first retreat, in October, will feature a chance to work one-one-one and in small group settings with Lynn. She’ll give the inside scoop on raising resilient, courageous children while managing the worry patterns and language most families use—some occasionally and some regularly.

We discovered that we both wanted to serve parents in a more personalized way than from the stage or from a screen. And here it is.

Lynn’s message is for every family.

lynn lyons speaks about anxiety and depression in teens and children
Lynn cannot take on new therapy clients, so these retreats offer a way to work with more families.

The essence of Lynn’s approach, which she shares on stage, in her books and videos, and with the families she treats, is relevant to you.

Anxiety is now in the water that everyone drinks. It’s environmental. It’s critical to understand how to filter out the cultural messages bombarding us that promote anxious parenting which encourages worry in our children.

With awareness and tools, there are ways to implement her strategies to stay ahead of worry patterns before they develop and become hard-coded in our children’s brains. And in helping them, parents will see their own tools to manage worry strengthen.

At this retreat, you have an opportunity to learn about being a better parent who handles her own worry more effectively. It’s also an opportunity to show up and connect with others in a casual, no judgment, no make-up environment at one of the leading wellness centers in the country, Canyon Ranch.

Luxe Recess hosts first parenting retreat at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Canyon Ranch is about so much more than a spa with massages and facials. On-site medical and wellness practitioners can address almost any personal issue that needs boosting.

Guests can speak with a program coordinator in advance to assist you in planning a stay that provides insight and solutions. Maybe you need nutritional guidance, metabolic or hormonal testing, meditation instruction, or a holistic approach to ongoing health conditions.

canyon ranch in the berkshires
Despite the depth of activities offered, the best moments at Canyon Ranch are the often the ones where we slow down.

My visits there over the years have informed me in how to take better care of myself and motivate me for change back at home. I just returned from my third visit where I saw the massive renovations nearly complete at the property. The newly redesigned restaurants serve healthy food that is better than ever. 

Retreat guests have full access to all of Canyon Ranch’s services and activities outside of our agenda. Feeling shy? You can meet up with our group hosts in various classes.

What to Expect

These retreats are about connection with other mothers, and a chance for us to step away from our demands and be cared for ourselves. Every retreat guest will receive special gifts throughout the stay. Because it’s your turn to receive the flair instead of providing it for everyone else. I know good swag. I can’t wait to spoil you.

Let’s take a much needed break from our daily lives and reflect on how we can feel more balanced, more grounded, and less isolated. Let’s feel ready to tackle the challenge of raising courageous children and fortifying our foundation within ourselves.

My visits at Canyon Ranch have been deeply meaningful to me. I adore their cuisine, their lectures, and the property. It’s a very special place. Every visit seems too short.

Berkshires Resorts Undermountain
The Berkshires is one of New England’s most vibrant areas for its natural beauty, cultural offerings, and restaurants.

Experience Fall Foliage In New England

Join us October 24th through 27th, 2019 to celebrate eye-popping fall colors in one of New England’s most beautiful areas. Read my guide to the Berkshires to get a taste.

The retreat will be intimate and capped at 16 participants. We expect it to sell out and will create a waitlist. More dates and locations will be announced soon.

You can choose a 3-night retreat for a chance to work with Lynn privately, both on a pre-retreat phone call as well as a private consultation. Or you can come for a 2-night retreat that still includes two small group workshops, lots of laughter, great meals and wine-tastings, and lots of swag.

canyon ranch wellness retreats
Come with a friend or make new ones. Two moms can enjoy uninterrupted conversations.

Who should attend this retreat?

This launch retreat at Canyon Ranch will be one specifically for mothers with children under 20. We hope to broaden this program to include partners, fathers, and children at a later time. 

Retreat Brochure

View the retreat brochure in full screen (the square on the bottom right). It offers more information on registering, cancellation policies, and FAQs.

Our special rate at Canyon Ranch expires September 26th.

Want to lean more?

We’ll send you more retreat information about this one and upcoming ones first.

What type of retreat would you want?

Please provide feedback in this survey tell us what kind of wellness retreats you would love, from location to activities.

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