Considering Adventures By Disney?

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dventures By Disney is the trip of a lifetime. If you’d like more information, Luxe Recess has partnered with one of the best. Karen Shelton, a luxury family travel planner, knows these tours extensively, and she books more Adventures By Disney tours than 99% of all agents. She even knows most of the Adventures Guides and can ask them your questions.

You cannot book an Adventures By Disney online, and Karen will stay on hold and make the lengthy call for you. Even if you are the type who books your own vacations, one this scale needs a professional.

The advantage to booking with her is that she

  • has access to every published discount
  • can catch a common pricing mistake made
  • knows the best room configurations for families
  • understands the booking policies should changes come up
  • can advocate on your behalf
  • direct you to the right trip insurance
  • provides VIP amenities for hotel stays before or after your trip
  • secure the lowest rates on airfare

Karen can send information about 2019 tours and news of 2020’s and invite you to her Adventures By Disney Facebook group where she features the latest news and giveaways.

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