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2021 Parenting Retreat by flusterclux

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An Anxiety Audit is what everyone needs.

Most of us found 2020 to exacerbate our anxiety and worry. The US census data shows the rates of reported anxiety and depression increased 235% from 2019.

See? It’s not just your family.

Anxiety fuels 7 common habits, some obvious, others less so.

The Anxiety Audit goes through each of the patterns to help you see where anxiety shows and offers the solutions to pivot away from responses that just make anxiety stronger.

When when we see these patterns for what they are, we can disrupt them and take control of our responses to worry and anxiety.

Register for a live workshop with Lynn & Robin on March 6th OR a purchase a self-paced course. Both go through these 7 habits.

The live workshop will be a Zoom webinar (not recorded), while the self-paced coursed is divided into modules of videos and handouts for each of the 7 habits to break.

We promise absolutely no psychobabble and some laughs Flusterclux style.

While the Anxiety Audit is specifically meant for parents, we are excited to announce that we are already creating more programs to help kids and teens manage their anxiety.

Register for the live audit


Purchase the self-paced video course


Purchase Both and Save $40

You can save $40 if you purchase both, but this deal is only available when you register for the live audit at Eventbrite and purchase the course as an add-on for $49 in the same checkout transaction.


Why might you purchase both?

Some people will want to watch the course videos in advance of the live workshop to know what questions they will want to ask. Others will want the option of having the course to watch after the live event concludes to deepen understanding of the 7 habits.

What’s included in the course?

Both course and live workshop will include the same handouts and cover the same 7 principals, though the dialog and examples of each will differ since we do not follow a script.

Will the live workshop be recorded? How do I attend?

The live workshop will be hosted as a Zoom webinar. Attendees will not be on camera, nor will the webinar be recorded.

What if the workshop sells out?

We will keep a waitlist in case there are any cancellations. We plan to offer a second Anxiety Audit, so add your name to the waitlist to be notified first of registration.